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About us

Siauliai tourism information centre is established in 1998 year. Since then our centre offers information for Lithuanians and foreigners about:
* cultural and natural objects,
* cultural and sports events,
* accommodation,
* catering,
* transport,
* banks,
* trade,
* tourism resources and other tourist service.
Our activities are:
* advertisement of enterprises providing tourist service,
* booking of accommodation and catering,
Our education activities are:
* establishment of tourist library,
* development of tourist methods,
* local tourists' stimulation,
* investigation of tourist market,
* excursions in Siauliai and its environments
We sell:
* tourist publications,
* maps,
* books,
* postcards,
* stamps,
* souvenirs, works of art, folk craftsmen's works.
We are:
* the members of Tourism Information Centres Association in Lithuania.

Open time:
Mon–Fri 9:00–18:00 (launch break from 13:00 to 14:00)
Sat 10.00–16.00
Sun 10.00–15.00

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Siauliai tourism information centre, Vilniaus str. 213, Siauliai, tel. 41 523110, 521105

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